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Review of The Challenge of Modern Sport Ethics: from Doping to Cyborgs

I begin this review by stating from the outset that I love sport. Being Australian I am immersed in a culture where sport is revered and we are constantly inundated with sporting stories from our dominant codes. Whilst this love means I acknowledge the many redeeming qualities it possesses, I am also glaringly aware there are ethical and equity issues that need to be critically addressed when discussing sport. These concerns have historically always been present, and they have continued to emerge over recent decades. Trivino provides a timely and comprehensive analysis of key issues. He states from the outset that the review is not intended to be exhaustive but the aim is to offer ‘a synthesis of the main ethics-related topics that are found in sport…’ (p. 2). He also clarifies that the focus of the book is on elite and professional sports, with the intent of providing a conceptual analysis and philosophic discussion of ethical dilemmas in these arenas.