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Qualitative Diagnosis of Human Movement (3rd Edition)

Qualitative Diagnosis of Human Movement, Third Edition With Web Resource, focuses on the processes behind movement observation, assessment, and diagnosis, emphasizing how to recognize and correct errors in human movement. This unique text teaches anyone working in human movement–related professions how to integrate and apply knowledge from the fields of kinesiology, allied health, and engineering to help clients, patients, or athletes improve their movement performance or move with a lower risk of injury.
Well received by scholars worldwide, the previous editions, formerly titled Qualitative Analysis of Human Movement, broke new ground as the first texts devoted to qualitative movement diagnosis (QMD). Following are improvements to this edition:
A web resource replaces the CD-ROM from the previous edition and contains more than 100 all-new video clips and follow-up questions to provide real-life examples for practicing movement diagnosis.
Expanded coverage of the use of video and computer technology shows readers how to use modern tools to aid in observation and evaluation of movement.
An additional 80 new sources of research relevant to QMD illustrate the extent to which this area of study has taken hold in the kinesiology field.
An image bank is available online to instructors.