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Overview of university sport in Iran

This article focuses on the structure and management systems of sport at Iranian universities. The method of this research was through an analysis of documents. Sport in the system of Iranian universities is divided into three different categories. The physical education department of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran is responsible for sport at universities in the country, and managing sport affairs. Authority was granted to secretariats in the various regions so that decision making would be decentralized due to the large size of the country and the large number of universities in the various geographical regions. Due to this great geographical diversity, universities should continue their activities under the supervision of sport secretariats in their given regions. The participation of students in sports activities at Iranian universities was calculated in three categories; students with different interests and skills can participate in various numbers of sports, championships, and sport festivals. At this time, with regards to the scientific attitudes towards sport and physical activities and the expanding culture of sport at Iranian universities, the number of participants in sport activities is increasing. In the conclusion it is stated that improving the knowledge and attention of students regarding the importance of sport in different aspects of education and life, as well as the recognition of present barriers and support of campus volunteers, could help to increase the participation of students in sport activities. Moreover, the allocation of more power and authority to each region, as well as holding different local and traditional sport festivals, could help to improve the development of sport at Iranian universities.