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Fractured Understanding of Mindfulness: A Response to Clarifying the Mindfulness Muddle

We thank Glass et al. (2020) for their response to our book review of their work (Wilson & Gearity, 2020) and welcome this opportunity for greater dialogue. We find that our differences lay more in accordance with our varying purposes and interpretations rather than in fact. Our approach was not a laudatory book review that synthesizes and restates (Chenail, 2010), but to explore mindfulness-based intervention discourse in general by comparing selected “essential components” of the programs in order to “provide some clarity on these approaches” (Wilson & Gearity, 2020, p. 68-69). In this rejoinder, we address Glass et al. (2020) concerns in order to enrich the discussion, debate, and critique of mindfulness-based interventions
(Chenail, 2010).