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Blatter Tries to Gag 2010 Reporters

As criticism of FIFA grows in South Africa over the huge prices being demanded for World Cup tickets, travel and hotel rooms, Sepp Blatter’s Thought Police are swinging into action, threatening to ban reporters who dare to write stories ‘bringing FIFA into disrepute.’ Thabo Leshilo, head of the South African newspaper editors media freedom committee, says, ‘It’s outrageous what FIFA are getting away with.’ There is also anger that newspapers will be forbidden to sell copies within 800 metres of stadiums – even if this is usual practice at local games. Street vending is an important source of income for poorer South Africans – who will never be able to afford World Cup tickets. News reporters are worried that they may not be allowed to report any ‘colourful’ incidents involving FIFA officials or competing teams – or name their hotels.